Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why I'm a bad blogger

It took me six hours to write the review for The Secret Life of Bees. Why?

  • Over analysis of the book
  • Over editing
  • Distracted by research
  • Spending time writing paragraphs that were later deleted
  • Distracted by anti-catholic site during research
  • Rewrote sentences 10 times over before deleting entirely

I need to learn to write quickly and efficiently, neither of which are talents of mine. I think that will be the new goal of this blog, perhaps one day I'll be able to string a sentence or two together without nitpicking them to death.

Edit: I just realized I haven't reviewed The House on Haunted Hill for the B-Movie film club. I'll need to do that tomorrow - I should have plenty of time considering I'm still off work. It should be easy since I watched it last week.

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