Friday, January 18, 2008

In need of prayers

It's now been exactly a month since I had gainful employment. I thought I had a job lined up on the 1st, but the company decided not to fill the position after all. Now I'm waiting to see if another job will come through that I interviewed for on Tuesday, although the longer it takes the less hopeful I become.

Up until this last week it was good that I wasn't working, there was a lot going on during Christmas and New Years, outside of the normal festivities. It would have been difficult to schedule it all while still working 9-5. Now; however, everything has gone back to normal and I'm slowly going crazy. I can only read so much during the day, and I've already finished two of the books my spiritual director assigned to me.

I'm seriously thinking about heading over to the churches library and counting how many times St Thomas uses the word God in his Summa. Or maybe I could just scrub the church floors with a toothbrush since I've already cleaned my own.

So I need prayers that I'll find work before I go completely insane.

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