Monday, January 21, 2008

B-Movie of the Month Club - House on Haunted Hill

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Spoiler warning - I'm not even going to try to keep it a secret what happens in this movie...

I was skeptical at first since I dislike scary movies, but found that I enjoyed this movie a lot. It's not really that scary at all, although I did jump a couple times. I also found it predictable though; as in I knew Annabelle wasn't dead, but couldn't figure out how she'd fooled a doctor, until it turned out he was her lover. Ok, that sort of makes sense, but how did Frederick know to invite him?

And that gets to what I was left wondering for the rest of the night. All the questions that just didn't make sense if there were no ghosts involved. How did Fredrick know to invite Annabelle's lover to the part? How did he know to invite a woman who would freak out easily? Did Annabelle actually have a say in the guest lists? How did the housekeeper appear to scare Annabelle then float out of the room? How did Annabelle NOT hang herself without Lance noticing? How did Annabelle get outside the barred window? How did she get the rope to coil around Nora's feet? Once shot why didn't the doctor just leave him there, why throw him in the vat of acid? How did Frederick know he would need a skeleton puppet once he escaped the acid?

I could go on and on, but I decided to stop. I know many of my questions have answers, some probably do not, but it is probably best to leave it up to faith. As a scientist I often feel the need to get all the answers before believing something is true. Many times I've been tempted to accept the belief that unless I fully understood something I couldn't put my faith in it. However, the Catechism teaches us that Faith is "the theological virtue by which we believe in God and believe all that he has said and revealed to us, and that Holy Church proposes for our belief, because he is truth itself." (CCC 1814) It doesn't say we believe because we understand, or we believe because it's explainable. We believe because God, the essence of Truth itself, has revealed it as true.

Thus, for this movie, I'll believe that Robb White, the writer behind this movie, is telling the truth when he says that all these things actually happened. If the creator of the movie says that's what happened, I'll believe it.

My Rating:
Quality: 3 star (I enjoyed it)
Violence: Low (aside from a head being tossed around, nothing gross seen on screen)
Scare Factor: Medium (a couple jumps, mild suspense, just what I could handle ;)

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