Sunday, December 02, 2007

Movie of the Month Club

This month's movie club movie was a true classic, The Creature from the Haunted Sea. That is it's title right?

Sweet, I remembered it, that's impressive considering I watched it two weeks ago and tried to forget it as much as humanly possible.

Well, the movie started off very cliche and I spent the rest of the movie wondering if it would get worse. Of course it did. I learned a very important lesson from this:

If a something starts of cliche, then moves through bad to worse, don't bother staying for act three in hopes that it will improve.

This lesson turned out to be highly useful. My friends and I recently went to a "religious" conference that started off cliche, moved to bad and then to worse. Remembering my experience from this film I choose not to stay for act three, yet my two friends did. When we got together later that night it was clear from their stories that I made the smart decision in leaving. Infact my friends both wished they had left earlier and really wanted to take showers to feel "clean again".

However, I did stay for act three of the movie and, with that, I should really try to find a religious meaning in it. To my shock, I found that it was truly a religious film with a very deep spiritual message for us all.

Near the end of the film, Mrs Bad turns to Captain Bad and proclaims her undying love for him. As an aside, I refuse to rewatch the film to remember their names; now that some amnesia has set in I refuse to fix it. Right then the monster appears and attacks Mrs Bad while Captain Bad tries to make his cowardly escape, only to meet his doom in the end. This struck me as a beautiful allegory of our first parents' fall into sin.

In the second chapter of Genesis we learn that man was given a commission to cultivate and protect the garden of Eden. Yet, when the serpent came to tempt Eve, he remained suspiciously quiet. He allowed her to take the full brunt of the attack out of cowardice and fear; threw her to the monster, so to speak, in hopes of jumping ship and saving his own skin. Yet in the process, he lost his own life and the lives of all future generations.

Then there is the "animal noise couple", of which "animal noise guy" gave his life so his gal would have a chance to swim to safety. Although I think she dies in the end, it's still a reflection on how Jesus gave his life for us that we may all be saved through baptism.

Afterwards I praised God that it was over and begged that Manos, Hands of Fate and Cave Dwellers were not on public forum. So you could say the movie brought about an increase of prayer in my life.

And thus I learned the second part of that first important lesson:

If a something starts of cliche, then moves through bad to worse, don't bother staying for act three in hopes that it will improve. Yet, all works out for the good for those who love God and he can bring good out of evil...even if you dash your foot against the stone.

Yea, we're still trying to find significance in that conference, the closest I can find at this point is that we'll have plenty to laugh at for weeks to come and I'll have material for several posts and maybe get my blog started again.

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