Thursday, December 06, 2007

God's sense of humor

I'm sure I've lost all readership I started to build up, something about not posting for several months will do that. Well I've decided to start posting again; we'll see how long this lasts.

Recently my temp job ended and I had to look for a new job. I love looking for jobs; so much so that I avoided it like the plague for several weeks. The Lord will provide right?? You would think that procrastinating like I was I would have posted a lot. No, that would have admitted it, instead I lurked on other blogs and cleaned my apartment.

Well, the Lord took care of me anyway and provided me with another job. I'm scanning scantrons. You know, those little bubble sheets for exams like the SAT and GRE's. YUP! My day is currently filled with seven wonderful hours of fixing sheets for people who don't realize that you're supposed to fill IN the bubble, not circle it.

Wasn't that so nice of Jesus to make sure I had work? the past hour I've applied for four REAL jobs and I'm searching frantically for others...

While He looks upon me with laughter.

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