Thursday, September 06, 2007

Settled at last

It's done. The year long lease has been signed and I've finished moving into the apartment. There is enough furniture to get by (bed/desk/table) and I finally can relax. So, as I sit on my floor pillow, the thought comes to mind...

What have I done?

Yup, now that I am no longer concerned about where I'm going to be sleeping tomorrow or what needs to be done to set up the apartment, all the doubts I've been ignoring the past few months have come roaring in. So, now that I've notified the world that I'm completely crazy, I'm going to go to the church and remind the Lord that this is all His fault. He brought me to this place, I was only being obedient, as best I could be.

Well, crazy or not, I'm back online in the evenings now, so I can continue with my blog without having to sneak into computer labs after work. Hopefully you will hear more from me as continue to seek the Lord's Will.

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