Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Save the world one hat at a time

The Spirit of Vatican II community has this great idea for saving the planet. Mirrored hats! Yup, since global warming is causing the world to spontaneously combust, they decided to look "great" while it happens ;-)

Global warming is one of those hot button topics for me, although creation/evolution is usually hotter. There is something about the whole, "the world is going to end unless we stop using energy now!" idea that just gets under my skin. Probably because they make half baked claims that have no basis in reality...or Science for that matter.

Here are some I've heard recently:
The world is hotter now than it's ever been before!
But don't mention how it was actually a great deal warmer in the time of the dinosaurs.
The temperature is rising faster than it ever has before!
Only in "recorded history" (which they often leave out) and recorded history is actually only the last 100 years - not 3000+ that everyone assumes that it is ;)
Global warming will cause stronger storms!
See next item...
Global warming will cause droughts!
See previous item...
Driving our cars/trucks/suvs causes global warming!
but we must fly in our private jets to proclaim this truth, jets which eat up more fuel in one trip than - oh I forget, but a good deal of cars together.

I could go on and on, the list of items is just to numerous to count. I could also go into the scientific basis against global warming, considering I do have a degree in the field. However, I'm not a published scientist so it wouldn't matter.

Also, because I think global warming is bunk, the next claim is that I don't care at all about the planet. I actually care a great deal about the world the Lord blessed us with, and I feel we should be good stewards; however, I don't think this scare tactic method is going to work. Think about it, since this global warming craze started people are more likely to litter (at least according to my mom's memory of "back in the days") and they are more likely to scoff at anyone who thinks about helping the environment. Why?

Because they are all nuts who tell them to wear shiny hats to save the world. Then they say, what's there to loose? Well, only your dignity and the couple hundred it took to buy that hat which you needed for food.

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Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

I'm with you, Christina, when the people preaching about global warming either: a. start living a lifestyle that reflects that belief or, b., offer to buy my excess "carbon credits" from me, then I'll consider believing in it.