Thursday, September 06, 2007


Yesterday I crashed the RCIA course at my parish. Even though I've been a Catholic my whole life, I only began learning about the faith five years ago. Even then I learned what I needed to defend the faith in a debate with a Bible Christian, there is so much more I've never heard about. Often I find that there is much to my faith that I just don't know, but others are completely familiar with. As an example, I had never been to adoration until last year, had no clue they even did something like that!

So I decided to crash RCIA and it looks like it's going to be a great course. All the candidates get several free books (the Bible, The Catechism, a missal, and several good apologetics books). Since I'm not a candidate, and in fact was harassed by the priests, I need to pay for any books I take. Over the years I've collected four different catechisms (Schreck, Hardon, Kreeft and a Compendium), but never owned the official catechism, so I decided that I would grab one of those. I was really excited to find cross references and bible references. I'm really excited about this!

The homework (yes there's homework, isn't that great?!) for this week is to read CCC 50-64, 200-227, Genesis 2-4; Exodus 2-4, 12; and Ezekiel 36. I need to find my bible so I can do that part of the homework, I think it's in the linen closet with the other books...sweet, I have three bibles in there!

So I'm off to study, leaving worries and doubts behind for another day.


paramedicgirl said...

I hope it's a good RCIA program. many are lacking, and some go so far as to spout heretical teachings (from the personal viewpoints of the instructors, not from the Church itself).

Christina said...

I think it's kosher, the teacher is even going to teach us some liturgical dancing moves for the Easter Vigil. How can you go wrong with that? ;)

Seriously, I'm at a Dominican parish staffed by great priests. One of the priests, the most traditional of them, is teaching the course. He is using the Catechism as the textbook with the Bible and a book by Schreck as an Apologetic handbook, not even a hint of heretical teachings.

phatcatholic said...

Hey, I just had a question regarding the comment you left on my blog. When you said that my blog had a bad color scheme, did you mean the color scheme for my entire blog, or just the color of the large first letter?