Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Puppies and RCIA

The other day one of my friends asked me to draw her a picture using this scaled down version of MS Paint. The program had only a a round brush which changed sizes and varied in levels of transparent - not much else. To top it off I was using a mouse, not a pencil. Have you ever tried to draw a picture with a mouse? Well they don't obey you very well. Especially mine since it probably needs to be cleaned. At least I hope that's the reason it jumped all over the screen. It's almost like the mouse had a mind of it's own while I was drawing. Difficult, but I set out to draw a puppy for her, and eventually came up with a picture of a puppy.

I'm really shocked it turned out so well. She loves it, especially since she was just expecting a cartoon image. I was just expecting a cartoon image for that matter; I guess I got a little carried away. So, besides being pleased that she likes it, I'm also amazed that it turned out so well. I can't stop looking at it; it's like an obsession.

After staring at the picture for three days I noticed several small errors in the picture; like the the ears. I got so caught up in trying to control the mouse to do the fine detail in the ears that I didn't notice they were different sizes. How frustrating, if only I'd had better control over the cursor that mistake wouldn't have happened since, of course, I'm the greatest artist there is. Unrelated aside, I need to make sure I need to go to confession tomorrow... ;)

You're probably wondering what all this has to do with RCIA. Tonight was the second RCIA class and the topic was God and His First Revelations. The priest talked about how God had no need to create the Man, but freely choose to in order to bring us into union with him. Quoting the textbook, "By revealing himself God wishes to make [men] capable of responding to him, and of knowing him, and of loving him far beyond their own natural capacity." (CCC 52) God wasn't satisfied with just any old creation, he wanted a creation that would freely choose to glorify him.

I realized in class that God sees us as I see that picture. I'm so caught up with the fact that I have the talent to do something like that that I can't stop staring at it. God is so enamored with us, His creation, that He not only couldn't stop staring at us, He choose to become one of us.

While I'm sitting there enjoying how much God loves me another thought occurs to me...I am the dirty mouse. Yup. Filthy, annoying, bobbing all over the place and ruining the Great Artist's painting. I've decided that I know what's best for me and fight His Will. He's pulled out a small brush for detail work and I whip it across the screen in a broad stroke. And there is no undo feature in life.

So tonight, as I take apart my mouse to clean it out, I think about what I need to clean out of my life. What sins are keeping me from letting God do His work? In what ways am I fighting God, trying to get my will done on earth as it should be in heaven?

And as I put the pieces of the mouse back together, I ask God for the Grace to make a honest and full confession tomorrow, so that cleansed from my sins I will be able to give Him complete control over my life. For He is the Great Artist; from whom all my talents come, next to whom I'm nothing and in whom I'm loved.


Adoro te Devote said...

Wow. Not only because of the did you DO that? You can even see the fur...but also because of your insight.

I've never thought of it that way.

The only thing...your issue with the ears. (for the record, I didn't notice until you pointed it out.) You said you messed up the ears. Well, God doesn't mess up..if he creates "imperfect" ears or whatever feature, it is still perfect in HIS eyes but not in the eyes of we, who have sinned.

It is we who see the imperfection of our own creation...God's creation is perfect. It is we, the creation itself, that chooses to be imperfect.

I'm so going to miss teaching RCIA this year. Thanks for reminding me of why I love it so much...

Anyway, I love your puppy, keep doing this, and if I send you a picture of my Shepherd, can you "draw" her? :-) Or my grey? I can do them in charcoals, but I can't do them via computer. That takes real talent. And color.

God bless!

Christina said...


Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn't realized I'd said that. God did make us the exact way we need to be in order for him to bring us to salvation.

I suppose I meant the mistake more of a metaphor for our actions. Kind of like how I am often condescending towards others, causing God to have to use a less beautiful plan than if I'd never sinned. I may have this wrong, my understanding of God, sin and salvation is very weak, which is why I'm crashing RCIA ;)

Actually it took a lot of OCD mixed in with the talent to create that picture :). Can't say I love that program too much, but it's easier than the oils I attempted to paint with yesterday.

I'll be glad to try one of your puppies. I can't guarantee the result, but I would love the chance to "draw" them :)