Thursday, September 20, 2007

Away for the weekend, Novena and Distractions

I'm going to a wedding this weekend, about 12 hours away. Since I'll be leaving Friday at the wedding on Saturday, coming back Sunday, and recovering Monday, I'll not be around to post or comment.

I was posting a novena for each day before 40 Days for Life began. I'm going to keep up the novena, but decided to post the rest of it in case someone else wanted to pray it as well.

It's actually a beautiful novena. These are wonderful meditation pieces, if I could spend more time in prayer I'm sure I'd benefit from it. Unfortunately I get so distracted that I inevitable cut my prayers short to lessen the wanderings.

I need to find a way to curb the distractions in my prayers. I've had so many suggestions, but none seem to work. What's worse, I'm not even stressing over some event in my life, it's over silliness, like the skirt I'm wearing, or what pizza I like more, or some joke my friend said earlier. I feel like my brain is buzzing full of bees and I can't even begin to contemplate God. I feel like my prayers are all worthless and empty because I've spent the entire time thinking about triffles.

I talked to my spiritual director about this and he suggested making a mental image of placing the distraction into a box and locking it. I've tried that before, I get caught up decorating the box, thinking about boxes I need to unpack, or the conversation I had with Sarah from last week about the boxes her cat loves to play in. You know how cute it is when cats play in boxes, they are adorable! I had a cat once who would stick his paws through the holes and....

You see!!

Does anyone happen to have some good suggestions on how to keep focused while praying?

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