Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pray, but row to shore

I've heard it said, if you are stuck in a sinking boat you need to pray, but also row to shore. Don't sit in the boat while it sinks, row like mad. But also don't think that you'll get there on your own power, pray like mad too.

I'm still looking for a home. I went to Craigslist, the local newspaper, looked at the local apartment complexes. I even posted a couple ads, I know the Lord has something in mind and I'm trying to do my part; I'm trying to row that boat to shore.

But then I wonder if I am being too picky. I know there is some things I can't budge on (like price), but maybe I shouldn't be as picky about living alone, should I be bringing my cat down, would a basement and mold be so bad? Surely living in the worst part of town wouldn't be that's not like this is Chicago.

Yet so far, every place I've seen an ad for makes me nervous. When I found my sublet it was immediate "That's the place!" Lord, please give me that same prompting when I come across the ad for the place where you want me.

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