Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Blogs are Addicting...

So, I haven't posted in a week, but I've been online that whole time (well, except when I was sleeping - I turn off my computer at night...)

What have I been doing? Reading other blogs, of course! I've broken out the popcorn and enjoyed the brewing war between Spirit of Vatican 2 "Catholic" Faith Community and AGainst the Huns - The Society of St Leo I. Apparently there is a picnic being planned which will bring together these two totally divergent communities over penitential brownies. I wait with bated breath for the picnic, the meeting of the hippie church and the traditionalist church should be the event of the millennium.

Now, after reading about all that excitement, I turn to more serious topics. There is a wonderful post on Adoro's page about Christianity and Abortion. Although it is not effective against the non-Christian, it is a good pro-life argument from scriptures that will touch Christians when they hear it.

Then I went over to PhatCatholic's site and saw a great movie on the defense of Pope Pius XII. I'd heard he was called Hitler's Pope unjustly, but hadn't realized the depth of that lie. To think someone could say he was on the side of the Nazi's when he did so much to help the Jews just stunned me. I'm going to wandering to the library and check out The Myth of Hitler's Pope, but I feel I should finish the other 20 books I've already checked out first.

So, while I continue to neglect my poor blog, enjoy the variety and knowledge offered by those who are a great deal more entertaining, interesting and informative. So much so, that I believe I've become addicted!

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Anonymous said...

It is true, Pope Pius XII saved some Jews. However, he also refused to denounce Nazi atrocities and ordered that allow Jewish children he saved (who were baptized as Catholics) not be returned to their parents. You can see both sides of his actions here.