Monday, June 04, 2007

Pride and Blogs

I have a dilemma with blogs and how they relate to pride and I'm looking for some suggestions...

I started saying the Litany of Humility about a month ago. The weird thing about that prayer is that as soon as you say it you start seeing the prideful moments very clearly. Now I've been keeping a blog for over a year and just started posting a lot more to it. The other day I realized that I was eagerly looking over the blog to see if anyone had posted any comments. I realized it was pride, I wanted people to be reading my blog and telling me how great it was

So then I removed the comments, ok now I'll never know if someone reads it! Then I thought, well now I'm just posting things - assuming they are right - and giving no one a chance to correct me! Pride!

So then I thought - I should just stop posting totally! But then I kept thinking about all the wonderful words of wisdom on healing I was getting and I wanted someone else to benefit from it. Besides, it would keep with the 12th step "Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to others"

Perhaps I should just take this to my spiritual director and get his opinion on the whole matter, but I was wondering if there were some wise people out there who might give a suggestion


paramedicgirl said...

Sounds like the bloggers dilemma to me! I'm going to look up the Litany of Humility now. Thanks for mentioning it. I've never heard of it before. See, comments can be good thing! You find out if you are benefiting anyone spiritually, and I'm pretty sure they'll let you know if you are not!!!

Christina said...

The "being told if I'm not" is one reason why I decided to allow comments again. Sorry it took so long for yours to post - I'd checked comment moderation. I think I'll leave it open for a while, until something otherwise might be needed.

The Litany of Humility comes up on a simple Google search, but if you have trouble finding it it's posted here: