Thursday, May 31, 2007


I have decided to remove comments from my blog. I realized, as I eagerly looked over to see if anyone had commented, that I was just waiting for someone to say "good job". I wanted someone else to note how wonderful my blog is and that just leads to vanity.

I am not sure it isn't vanity to keep posting, but at least without the comments it's more like a journal. Actually, since I'm going to keep things general from now on, it will be more like a series of meditations that anyone can benefit from.

I hope, with the Lord's grace, that someone will benefit from this blog, but I also hope I never learn about it. I'm having enough trouble with my pride as it is ;)

Lord, bless this blog, may it be an instrument of healing for myself and, if it is your will, for others as well. Amen.