Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another six months later...

Well, it's been another six months, and many are starting to ask what I've been up to. The sad answer is that I've not really gotten much further in my discernment and my family is being torn apart by strife. I've managed to contact a few communities and I've scheduled to visit one of them in January. My main problem has been an inability to deal with the change in plans caused by my potential heart problem this past summer. It took me a long time to let go of that pain and start looking again.

Now with everything that has been going on with my family my discernment has really taken a back seat again. It's been really hard to concentrate on finding out God's will when my faith is being shaken by what my family is going through. As I said in a previous post, my parents took in my abused nieces and nephew. These kids have been through hell and need serious therapy, unfortunately we cannot provide it. In fact, my parents not even sure they'll be able to pay the mortgage next month. It's been horrible because they only have custodial rights, not parental. We also are kin to these kids, and since we are related we obviously had a hand in their abuse and don't deserve help (even though we didn't no they existed two years ago).

We've contacted so many people trying to find a solution for these kids; my mom is on the phone almost every day calling new leads. Unfortunately no one wants to help us; most don't even return her calls. We qualify for no money because my parents are "wealthy", nevermind that my mom has been at half income for a year now so she could be home with the children. We've refinanced the house to pay for the costs so we are now unable to move out of it with the flat market.

Unfortunately the lack of support is wearing us thin more than the kids. Since my mom cannot get support she is starting to snap. Not only are we not getting any support, but we are also getting reported for abuse by the school. These kids know how get the "professionals" to think they are little darlings all the while pulling horrid games. It's wretched to watch children who've come so far backslide because they can't get the therapy they need at home. It's disheartening and stressful that they are encouraged to misbehave and rebel at school. Every little action they do becomes a reminder of how this entire system are failing them and we can do nothing but watch them go down. As far as we can tell the only chance of getting them help will be to put them in foster care, and that system will most likely send them back to their mother who is unequipped and unwilling to help them.

So now I ask for all your prayers, for we need them right now.