Thursday, July 13, 2006

Update on Life

So, here is a brief update of the last hectic month. I'm now at my parents house. I've quit my job and moved out of my apartment and back home. I sold or gave away half my stuff, the other half was then packed into a van, pickup and car and carted back to my parents house. I felt like I'd gotten rid of so much, then we barely could fit it all in the vehicles.

That was a very stressful time, I gave away so much, moved away from my job, friends and a town I loved, to move home to a family that never rests. Good news is I haven't had time to rest and feel self-pity.

Since I've gotten home I've been put to work. My parents work in DC with my two sisters, and I stay home with my two nieces and a nephew. The children were abused at one time and are a lot of work. Although they've been living here for almost a year and they are much better than when they first moved up here.

So I've taken on a housewife roll, I clean up the house, take care of the little ones and unpack all my stuff. Also, the basement is a total mess and needs to be redone. So one of my other jobs is cleaning it out and ripping down the walls. Oh, and my parents want to clean out their house as well, get rid of some of the junk. Which means they asked me to do a yardsale.

In the past week I've been to daily mass once, and only yesterday started saying the rosary at 5pm with the children. I also didn't find my copy of the Liturgy of the Hours until this afternoon. Hopefully by next week I'll be into more of a schedule.