Monday, June 05, 2006

Crazy Dream

So, I simply must tell about this crazy dream I had while in Nashville (crazy as in funny-odd).

In the dream I was in a car with another girl talking back and forth while driving to some location. Now I don't remember which one I was (passenger or driver) or who said what, but for the sake of telling I'll just assign roles. I noticed an area off to the side where the trees were cut down and being prepped for shipping and I remarked that it would be a great place. The other replied "Why yes, St Dominic would love living there!" and I get a vision of a great tree cut in two with a gap between the pieces and thinking it would be a great little place for him to live, why? Since it had no bed of course! "Yes," I reply, "You should write to him to let him know about it, I hear he is still living in France." Then this music starts playing and I hear the lyrics "Preacher of Fire, you are my hearts desire-ire-ire-ire..." fading into the ringing of the morning bells.

I believe my first thought that morning was... "whhaa??" and I had those lyrics playing in my head the entire day :P

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